September 19, 2006

ok now i am going to sound a bit like a complete computer geek but my bro told me about this cool weird thing where you can download a little pet off of the internet to be on your website. so here he is. He is a spider named shan-yang. you can check him out!

he isnt working yet due to technical difficulties but if you still think it might click on this link right here.

Spazz Time…

August 25, 2006

Hey…sorry i have not blogged in a while. I kicked off a new blog with something that it seems that you guys like seeing most. I is an animation called spazz time…click here if you want to see it. i hope you like the new effects that i learned how to use. Thank you for reading/watching this blog all you cool peoples out there. and thank you for your support.

Hey guys. I recently blogged about an e-mail that I sent to Yuri Lane, human beatbox. This is his reply.

Hello Will.

Thanks for the props. I agree. Beatboxing is a universal language everyone can understand! I mirror the world through the art iof beatbox!

keep doing your thing!

vocal scratches,


Hey readers.  Recently I visited a site that I occasionally go to, just for fun.  It’s called  Yuri is a beatboxer, mime and actor.  (I’m pretty sure I heard mime in there somewhere).  After a bit of thought I decided to send Mr. Lane an electonic message.  It expresses the way beatboxing is seen in our society, the way beatboxing really is, and the old Yoda-like  sayings bestowed upon the students of one of my recent spanish teachers.  This is it.  I copy-pasted it before sending it off.

Dear Yuri,

      man,  I am a big fan of your beatboxing.  I myself am a beatboxer in learning.  I am also an artist and learning to be an animator.  I write music as well.  currently I was working on a character for simple enjoyment, a creature called mikey, who speaks using the art of beatboxing to not only create music, but also to speak.  To me beatboxing is more of a language or an art rather than just simple music.  my my old elementary spanish teacher once told me that in languages you don’t learn it, but rather, age through it.  for example, a one year old is less experienced through one language than a five year old.  through beatboxing, even if you are 20 years old, one may only have the experience of a 12 year old.  through beatboxing though, despite whatever age you are, it easy to tell that YOU are one of experience of one who would have to be at least 100,000,000 years old!  Speaking a different language is an art, and you, yuri, practice a language that everyone can understand.  I like what your doing Yuri.  Don’t give up.    




June 19, 2006

Hi guys. this is just some sorta' thing that I feel like doin'. Updating my site. I just call it a check-up because I don't really have anything to say. I guess I could update you guys on what's goin' on.

As you know I've have been making animations and flipbooks (In courtesy of Feel free to check those out. I'm am also enrolled in summer school where I must type the whole livelong day (four hours). I am more than ever obsessed with the electronic dance music genre; techno. I also enjoy listening to the Romanian Pop band's (O-zone) number one hit single; Dragostea Din tea, aka, Numa numa. Our family is currently trying to take two rabbit food eating squirrels into custody. That is a frustrating task, considering that:

1 . squirrels don't enjoy being trapped

2. they are too stupid to spring a trap (I'm pretty sure only smart animals can get trapped.

3.squirrells are just clever enough to grab the bait, get out, and spring the trap with there tails. (they must have some pretty smart tails)

So there. Consider yourself updated. That's all that's really all that's going on. Really. So now I've updated this site, your brains and all the guys who meant to type in some other URL. Ok, so now, I'll end.


(ps. don't forget to check out the Numa song, right here!

Hi again. sorry about this but I have one more animation to show you. I really need to make a website for all these animations. Anyways, you know the drill. Click here please. This is called: the downside of fighting. Moral: never fight for no reason. It will come back and bite you later.


June 13, 2006

Hey guys! Bandana kid here! Check out my newest animation, BOING.

click here to see!


June 13, 2006

Ive done a flip-book animation. You can find it here

Dear all who i have let down by not blogging in many months,

I am sorry for not blogging in many months. The worst thing is, I don't think any of you are even reading this. If somehow you are reading this and have been constantly checking up on my site ever since Febuary, thanks. Moving onwardly. The reason this confession(blog) is a special edition is because today is mothers day, and every uneducated blogger like me knows that on any holiday, anything that is posted must be posted special edition if you use the holiday's name in your post. Seeing that I am an uneducated blogger and I have used the holiday in-which-today-is's name so this blog is a special edition. Now, I need to do something that would better constitute a special edition moothers day blog. o-kay, here goes. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO MOMS AND MOTHERS ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! There. well actually, i'm not that stupid, but really, happy mothers day to all of everyone who is reading this blog. And mom, thanks for just being there for me. I'm glad that someone in this world had enough authority and sense to dedicate an entire 24 hours to all the grown up daughters in this world. He\she must have seen you coming mom. Happy mothers day.

the first confession

February 21, 2006

GREETINGS ONE AND EVERYONE! WELCOME ALL WHO CAME ON PURPOSE, AS WELL AS ACCIDENT!Lo and behold! I, Will Lewis, second child of Rod and Allison Lewis, blah, blah, blah, have entered the realm of lewis bloggers. Seriously folks, this is my first. The thoughts that follow this introduction will be referred to as "confessions", as I have nothing else to refer to them as. So, welcome to this new location in one of the many small, dark corners of cyberspace. though it seems a bit drab at the moment, it will slowly evolve over time, as I share all my thoughts, favorite songs and videos, websites, poems, and…well…confessions with all of you supporters( and egger-onners) out there. Feel free to comment on anything you wish to bring up and show me about what I may be doing wrong or possibly right( under the rare occasion) or even somewhere in between. So…I guess I should tell a little bit about myself. I am 12 years old and have a brother, a sister, a mom, and a dad. Ye happy family also has a bird named harvie and a rabbit named Dipper. I am a guy who is gifted in the ways of science, Yet bombeth thy math class. Now, I will not abruptly change the subject of this blog, as the purpose of this blog is instead to introduce myself to the world of christian bloggers worldwide. That shall remain the purpose of this piece of writing, this blog, this first…confession, as I sign off and bid you all good fortune as you travel through life's daily stresses and every rare or, depending on what kind of person you may be, not so rare occasion of happiness through life. May a rich tinge of orange fill your small amount of time on earth, until the bandana kid writes and confesses again.